Aviva Community Fund

Aviva Community Fund

We have just launched our Crowdfunder as part of the Aviva Community Fund helping to raise funds to help continue the deliveries of food/essentials through lockdown as well as our welfare/benefits advice service, befriending and digital support services helping to reduce isolation and loneliness to older people across Glasgow while at home.

Support Glasgow’s Golden Generation at: https://bit.ly/3jRQIVg

Over the last 9 months, GGG has delivered 15,000 parcels to Glasgow’s most needy older residents, and carried out 20,000 befriending calls.   Our minibuses have travelled 20,000 miles around Glasgow.  We are trying to deliver the services that people would have received through our day centres to them at home. The package of support includes; a food parcel containing a 3-course meal, fresh bread and milk, a weekly newsletter, and a befriending call.  

Over lockdown most people have managed to keep in touch with friends, family and the outside world through technology. However for the older generation they are not all part of this world and we are working hard to bring it to them. We have developed a GGG App which is free and available to everyone. The App features: activities such as armchair exercises, relaxation techniques, bingo which people can join live as well as flower arranging, recipes, music and memory games.  As amazing as the App is most of the people we work with don’t have a tablet or access to the internet so this has presented a real challenge for us. We have been raising funds to purchase tablets. We have then being trying to distribute them but again the restrictions have made this hard as we can’t drop and run we do need to be able to show the person how to charge it, switch it on, access and navigate the App. We are continually developing it and are looking at ways of connecting people on it. We feel that it really is beneficial to older people as it keeps them active both physically and mentally with our arm chair exercises and quizzes. It also gives them a way to connect whether it be through our live bingo or enabling them to communicate with friends, family and our befriending service through video calls. We do believe the Tablet Project is the main way forward in alleviating isolation and loneliness at this time.

Even when the pandemic comes to an end and we try and go back to how things were before we will continue to look at how we have provided services over this time as we have reached new people who hadn’t been able to access our services before as they couldn’t attend the centres but now we are supporting them. This period has definitely taught us about being resilient, innovative and creative and hopefully older adults across Glasgow will continue to benefit from our services for generations to come. 

Your Support

With your support we can continue to provide these vital services to older adults across Glasgow. Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. 

Our essentials bag costs £5 to provide a three-course meal, bread, milk, tea and coffee and biscuits. We also need funds to help  run our minibuses that are used to deliver the bags. 

Any help you can give to help us continue our digital project would be amazing. Tablet costs have fluctuated significantly over the last few months but we currently calculate the cost of £125 for a tablet, cover and stand. The loan of a tablet can connect someone on their own with the wider community and their friends and family. We also have licence costs which are roughly £700 for 1year. It would also be great if we had some funding to enable us to buy or create our own content specific to what our users are looking for. 

We are grateful for any support that can help us continue providing these lockdown services and help us reach even more vulnerable people in Glasgow. 

Our Services

The charity aims to decrease loneliness and isolation through the provision of four key services: 

• Day Centres – we operate three centres across Glasgow providing hands on care and support. We transport people to and from the centre where they have a full day of activities and the chance to socialise with their peers. They also receive a three-course meal and our support workers use the opportunity to pick up on any other issues there may be and can refer them on for other support.

• Befriending Service – volunteers provide weekly calls and visits to older people and in some cases they take them out to the shops or a place of interest. 

• Welfare Service – our team of welfare advisers help older adults navigate the benefits system claiming on average an additional £4,000 in benefits for them!

• Weekly Clubs – we support older adults to run clubs for their peers and have over 700 members across the city. The clubs may be general social clubs or a particular interest like a sewing bee or dominos club.

Our service users range from 55 to over 100, and would be described as ‘high risk’ and ‘vulnerable’, in that they would experience a rapid deterioration in physical and mental health without this additional support. By supporting Glasgow’s Golden Generation you are making a difference to the lives of older people in the city and helping alleviate loneliness and isolation in our community. 

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