Glasgow’s Golden Generation has a team of Welfare Officers who have over 50 years of experience between them. Each year this skilled team increases older people’s income by over one and a half million pounds — which each successful client receiving an average of £4,000 in benefits or unclaimed entitlements.

Our service is free of charge and available to older people living in Glasgow.

View the ‘Benefit Rates’ available for 2020/21 at the following link:

What we can do for you

Most people will assume that they have little to no entitlement for benefits… 

However, there exist non means-tested benefits, which can in turn trigger other allowances and rebates.

The Welfare Officers will check which allowances you qualify for and help you with the application processes. 

This includes Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) depending on your age, savings and health.

The Benefits Advice service is not just about maximising incomes, but aims to decrease outgoings too.


The GGG Welfare Team take referrals from the NHS Home Falls Prevention Team, Social Work and many other organisations. 

You can also contact us directly by phone or e-mail if you wish.

Contact us today

The service ensures that our clients can enjoy a good quality of life into their later years. The benefits and entitlements which the Welfare Officers help secure mean that older adults are able to get into their communities and there are fewer barriers to participation.

We cover all of Glasgow, and can arrange home visits if necessary.

Call 0141 221 9924 for a benefits check with one of GGG’s Welfare Officers. It only takes a few minutes to call, but the impact could be life changing for you.


Department of Work and Pensions
0345 604 3719

Pre-Universal Credit 
0800 169 0310

Universal Credit
0800 328 9344

Scottish Welfare Fund 
0141 276 1177

The Pension Service
0800 731 7898

Pension Credit
0800 99 1234

Scottish Power
0800 027 0072

Scottish Gas
0843 658 0433 

Social Work / HSCP
0141 287 0555

GCC – Better Shield Group
0800 111 4000

Please call: 0141 221 9924 if you require any assistance or guidance.
You will be transferred to a member of the team who will provide support.

“This money has made such a difference to me, I can afford to heat my home and I can take a taxi to my local OAP club to see my friends.”

“On behalf of all of the family thank you so much for completing the myriad of paperwork! We would have been absolutely lost without your guidance and steady reassurance.”

“Thank you so much for your visit, we really appreciate all your kindness. You all do a wonderful job and we could not have received the benefits or known about them if it wasn’t for you.”