Lynsey Neilson

Partnerships Fundraising Manager

Gift in Wills

More and more people are now choosing to leave a gift in their will to their favourite charities. We hope that you will find the information you find here useful, should you decide to remember Glasgow’s Golden Generation in your own will.

One in four people will leave a gift to a charity they care about in their will. After family, charities are often the first thing people think of when considering the future and we would love if you chose to leave a gift to Glasgow’s Golden Generation. It’s easy to do and making that decision today means that the older adults of tomorrow will receive the care and support that they need.

Having a will ensures that your possessions, or estate, will be given to the people or charities that you wish. If you die without making a will this might not happen as there will be no record of your wishes.

It is best to have a solicitor draw up a will for you, as this ensures it is done properly and is legally binding. You can ask any solicitor to write your will for you and they will be able to arrange a gift to be left to charity if you wish.

Glasgow’s Golden Generation has partnered up with McClure Solicitors, who are offering free wills, a free will review, and special price power of attorney. All that we ask for in return is for you to consider making a donation to Glasgow’s Golden Generation. 

How to Leave a Gift in Your Will

Three simple ways to make a difference to older adults in Glasgow:

A Fixed Amount of Money

You can choose to leave Glasgow’s Golden Generation a fixed amount of money in your will, this is called a Pecuniary Bequest. If you do this, please note that this option may be affected by inflation, meaning that your gift may be less valuable than you intended. If this is the option you choose, please ask your solicitor about inflation proofing your gift.

A Share of your Estate

You can choose to allocate a percentage of your estate to Glasgow’s Golden Generation. You can choose which percentage of your remaining estate you wish to give to the charity after your loved ones have been provided for and inheritance tax and estate administration have been dealt with. This is called a Residual Bequest and even 1% would make a massive difference to our work with older adults in Glasgow.

An Item or Items of Value

Finally you can choose an item or items of value to leave to the charity. This could be furniture and other items to be sold in our shop to raise funds. It could also be land, property or a even jewellery which could be sold at auction. This is called a Specific Bequest.

Lynsey Neilson

Partnerships Fundraising Manager